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If you’re interested in having your talented pets work in commercials or movies, I am looking for pictures of talented pets to put on my Feathers and Fur gallery.

To have your pet be considered for movie or commercial work first make sure your pet will enjoy this experience. Do they like being in different environments and meeting new people? Are they quick at learning new behaviors? Does your pet enjoy wearing costumes? Do they compete in any events? Have they had prior experience in commercial work? If your pet is a dog or cat, please let me know what commands they know. If your pet is a horse, let me know whether or not they can be ridden by Joe Q Actor….The more I know, the more likely I am to find an assignment that is right for your pet.

If your pet does not compete in dog events like agility or obedience, isn’t used to having a lot of distractions when working or you simply want to be a better handler classes are available. I recommend any dog without a title of some kind take my Foundation Obedience and Tricks for Commercials and Titles classes. These classes provide skills that make your dog more marketable to producers. Dogs do not need to take classes with me to be considered for jobs, but dogs without titles will be given a maximum reliability rating of 3. Higher ratings can be earned by submitting a video showing distance work. Read the Talent Agreement for more information on minimum expectations for commercial work.

BaeBea’s Dog Training at Wet Dog Wellness Center.
432 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR
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There’s one more thing to take care of before registering…

Prepare your pictures for uploading. Submit pictures of your pet ONLY – no clothing, props or people. One pet per picture, please. Preferred shots include sitting and facing the camera, standing from the side view and a cropped head shot. DutchShepherd-ForceAction pictures can help make your pet more marketable. These include running, jumping, carrying something, etc. Please only send pictures you own the copyright for. Additional pictures can be emailed to with the subject – “Name” Action Shots.Staying where I'm told to

Please fill out the registration form. No personal information will be shared on the website, but I do need your address (at least the city) and phone number so I can contact you. In the last year I have worked in Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland. Knowing your location, whether or not you are willing to travel and how much lead time you need if your pet is chosen helps me get the right assignments for the right animals.

In the past, in addition to dogs and cats, I’ve had requests for dragonflies, beetles, mice, rats, iguanas, hamsters, horses, cows, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigeons, turkeys, swans, peacocks. Feel free to register any animals you have.

For more information about projects I have worked on visit my credits page.