Gallery of Available Animals

Producers/Agents: Feathers and Fur Talent Agency has been providing animal talent in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Below is a small representation of the available dogs (Click here for cats and exotic animal talent); I have a wide network of contacts and can find additional animals to meet your needs. Fill out my request form for more information about available talent.

Animal Handler/Owners – Find out how to register your pet with Feathers and Fur Talent Agency.

These are a few of the dogs registered to work with Feathers and Fur Talent Agency.
(All animals have a definate life span. Photos represent available and similar animals. Similar animals may be subsituted at our discretion.) Photos represent animals that have worked for Feathers & Fur. All dog breeds and most domestic animals are available.  Click on the picture for additional pictures and more information on these talented animals. Click here for cats and exotic animal talent

Click Here to View More Talented Animals

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