Border Collie – Jazzie

Commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, Come, Back Up, Walk on Leash, Sit Up, Pick Something Up, Go To Mark, Jump Over Something, Jump Onto Something, Down w/Chin Down, Step Sideways, Swim, Jump into Water, Shake Hands/Wave, Bow, Catch Frisbee, Walk w/Stranger, Dig, Close Door, Grab at Clothes, Walk on Two Legs, Dance, Roll Over, Touch Paw to Something, Touch Nose to Something

Comments: Additional Information Jazzie is a trick dog champion. She can play basketball, ring toss, wall handstands, back between legs, leg weaves, puts quarters in a shot glass, takes my socks off, rolls out the carpet with nose. She’s very willing to learn new things and works with anyone. And she is very photogenic.

Reliability Factor (1=LEAST, 5=MOST): 5