Gallery of Cats and Exotic Animal Talent

Producers/Agents: Feathers and Fur Talent Agency has been providing animal talent in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Below is a small representation of the available cats and exotic animals (click here for my dog gallery); I have a wide network of contacts and can find additional animals to meet your needs. Fill out my request form for more information about available talent.

Animal Handler/Owners – Find out how to register your pet with Feathers and Fur Talent Agency.

These are a few of the animals registered to work with Feathers and Fur Talent Agency.
(All animals have a definate life span. Photos represent available and similar animals. Similar animals may be subsituted at our discretion.) Photos represent animals that have worked for Feathers & Fur. All dog breeds and most domestic animals are available. Click on the picture for additional pictures and more information on these talented animals. Click here for available dogs